Bring your truck into TITAN Manufacturing, Inc.,  the #1 Truck Wheel Polisher in the country.  We have been manufacturing truck wheel polishing machines and polishing truck wheels  for two generations.  We have pioneered the industry since 1974.

All of our machines are heavy-duty and are built with North American Steel. Our plasma-cut welded gusset designs  mean that even the largest wheels can be polished with virtually no vibration.

We use only the highest quality components. We use a single phase or three phase power supply depending on the job.  Our 10 horsepower 3 phase motors deliver the muscle and control needed for consistent and reliable results, polishes truck rims the best. We also use only heavy duty self-contained, Nord, American-built gearboxes to provide precise maneuverability. Our Computerized Teco speed controllers, moderate the frequency of the electric current to give us the most precise control,  possible,  over the pace of the polishing process for your truck wheels.

Cut & Polish Front Steer Rim

Cut Rear Drive Rim 1

Cut Rear Drive Rim 2

Cut Rear Drive Rim 3

Cut Rear Drive Rim 4

Buff Rear Drive Rim 1

Buff Rear Drive Rim 2

Buff Rear Drive Rim 3

Buff Rear Drive Rim 4

Cut Rear Drive Rim 3

Polish Rear Drive Rim 1

Polish Rear Drive Rim 2

Polish Rear Drive Rim 3

How to make Set-Up wheels