OEM Wheel Polishing offered by Titan MFG

Titan Manufacturing, for ten years, located at:

6230 Rupley Circle, Houston, Texas 77581 

  • For inquiries please call 713-960-4833 or Toll Free 1-877-277-7917
  • Fax 1-877-537-1934
  • Email     orders@titanpolisher.com

Flat price of $80 per rim, front steer or rear drive, 19.5″ to 24.5″ (includes 1 ton trucks and super singles) **MILL FLAT lug holes!!!


  • Buff back-side of wheel $25
  • Quantity discount of $10 off 10+ rims
  • $10 off when customer delivers and picks up wheels or ships them
  • Show quality, $15 more per rim (if rim is in good enough condition)
  • Show quality vent hole edges, $5 more per rim
  • Cut out extra deep pits, scratches, salt, damage, or acid washed rims $60 per hour/shop rate
  • To purchase your own polishing supplies contact 713-960-4833
  • To purchase your own Titan Mark T-1 please contact 832-276-4994